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Special Orders for Pure Honey


Make no mistake about it, we are proud of our Internet retail store and the high quality, beekeeper direct products we offer. However, our capabilities extend far beyond what you see on this site. We are always happy to quote on Special Orders. Whether your event is a wedding, a baby shower (cute honey bears are great!), a trade show, honey comb for a photo shoot – we are here to serve you and give you a high quality product.

Superior Quality — Large Quantities

We do not, nor will we, compete solely on price. We know as we grow, we will change our offerings to reflect our capabilities.

Who we are not:

At this time, we do not sell case quantities to stores, 55 gallon drums of honey or ship internationally.

Who we are:

We do sell 5-gallon buckets as well as gallon containers of liquid honey for mead makers, home brewers, confectionary stores and individuals who have chosen to replace all granulated sugars in their diets. We also work very hard at having comb honey (or honey comb) for sale directly to chefs and caterers who call us on us for last minute needs. As well, we are also proud of our small and growing number of specialty wholesalers who service the hospitality industry. (We would love to tell you the famous restaurants we routinely serve but our products typically go through specialty wholesalers and we do not want to injure our healthy, long-term relationships with them.)


In order to provide the best service and fastest quote, please fill in the form to right — and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Again, when it comes to pure honey for special events such as weddings, or baby showers or trade shows – we have done them all and had fun with our customers along the way. If you are in need of high quality comb honey/ honey comb, we are your year ‘round destination with a predictable supply and great service. Give us a try, we “beelieve” you will be pleased with Bee-Pure Honey !!

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