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Bee-Pure Honey, Inc. donates 5% of all profits made from the sale of our pure honey to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It's our way of saying thanks for your business by giving back to the community.

Breast cancer hurts us all. On October 13, 1993, I lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer. She beat it 20 years earlier but in the end, this terrible disease took a loved one from our family. Joyce was a wonderful mother, mother-in-law and friend. She accepted all her sons- and daughter-in-law like her own and had a unique talent for being both a friend and a mom.

Family, her home, her work, and the Green Bay Packers were her priorities in life. But on Sunday afternoons during football season, you had better not stand between her and the television, because she would be watching (and yelling at) the Packers!

In recent years, my sister-in-law has been diagnosed with breast cancer, twice. In addition, my wife's aunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Fortunately, both of these family members are now healthy. We have learned a lot about the breast cancer gene (BRCA) and how these two diseases can be related if carrying the gene. With further research, our hope is that this disease can be eradicated – sooner rather than later.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation LogoTherefore, Joyce, Mary and Sandra - in your honor, 5% of all profits we make from our honey sales will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Thanks for the memories, Joyce.

Portal Industries

Portal Industries LogoHere is a big surprise – there are only 24 hours in one day! No, really! We get pretty busy filling orders, answering questions, ordering supplies, providing quotes, and oh yeah, beekeeping.

So to help us out, we partner with Portal Industries in Grafton, WI, to build our frames and put foundation in them for us. Portal is a not-for-profit agency that provides vocational training for adults with developmental disabilities, allowing their participants the opportunity to learn important job skills by performing meaningful work while earning a wage in the process. They do great work and that takes a burden off us, allowing us to concentrate on other tasks.

If you have any work that needs to get done, why not give Mark Friberg at Portal a call (262) 377-4410 and have him give you a no-obligation estimate.

Portal also offers a customized employment service. This option is based on an individualized knowledge of the strengths, needs and interests of the job seeker and is also designed to meet the specific needs of the employer.

Please call Jack Reindl at Portal to learn more about this employee-employer opportunity.

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