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Honey Comb

By Tom Gandia • Jul 30, 2009

Not just for the breakfast table – Appetizers & Main Dishes

Honeycomb is the original form in which honey was consumed and dates back as early as 13,000 B.C. It was gathered from wild bee colonies that were in hollow trees, caves and other natural hive areas.

The advent of the extractor in the mid 1800’s (a centrifuge apparatus) ( and the Langstroth Hive in the 1850’s ( allowed everyone to enjoy liquid honey. Gone were the days of crushing of comb to obtain liquid honey, because now we had moveable frames that allowed for liquid honey extraction.

Honey Comb on Cheese TrayThat is the good news. The bad news was that we have now had at two+ generations not exposed to the goodness of comb honey. The reality is, in our modern world, we can have our comb and eat it too!

Most honey usage, whether it be in a recipe, topping a piece of toast, in tea or on peanut butter sandwich (to die for by the way) is in liquid form and that is just fine and very convenient. However, there are many great times that comb honey is really the better choice. When you may ask? Well let us look below.

Cheese Tray

Honey Comb on Cheese TraySuppose you are having a get together with friends and want to offer more than the usual boring cheese tray. Try adding some blue cheese, Stilton™ is a favorite or stay with a Wisconsin theme and try Large Ader Kase Blue Cheese™. You can have some meats added such as a prosciutto or other tangy delight and then have a chunk of honey comb there for your guests to enjoy. A top end restaurant would charge $30 to $45 and you did it for much less with leftovers for you during the week. Tho’ I suspect the comb honey will be gone once your guests figure out how good it is.

Main meal topping

One of our customers is an Executive Chef and he likes to top his salmon with a chuck of honeycomb just as the plate is headed out to his customers. Timing is important so it will not melt prior to getting to the table. The sweetness from the honey enhances the other great flavors he has created with his salmon. Give this a try at home and you may be opening your own restaurant.

Simple & Healthy Dessert

Try some fresh fruit such as peaches or pears on plate with a chunk of comb honey. You will get the dual sweetness of fruit and honey without any preservsatives, oils or artificial ingredients. OK, OK, some of you may have a need to top things off with some form of chocolate, fine, just not too much and ruin the natural moment.

Healthy Candy

For many of our customers and us too, cutting off a chunk (1 inch square or less) and popping it into your mouth as a sweet treat is simply amazing. You can either chew it or press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and you can get most of the honey out. There seem to be debates on websites as to the best method to “get rid of” the wax when you are done getting that luscious honey out. You can eat it as it is edible food grade beeswax, or you can spit it out. Your choice, I will not jump into that fray.

Storing Honey Comb

On your counter top! Why ? Well it does not need refrigeration as it is well documented that honey does not spoil. Second, keep it close to you and you will have a healthy treat, an excellent food paring and well, just a plain delightful conversation piece when friends drop by. Please remember to tell them Bee-Pure Honey has comb available year-round for their culinary delight.

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